About Little Comfort™

Little Comfort™ is an Irish brand of cloth nappies and accessories, baby fashion products, sustainable eco-living alternatives and a range of innovative craft ideas.

At Little Comfort™ we design, manufacture, and sell cloth nappies and nappy covers, re-usable nappy accessories and extensive range of stylish baby garments. Along our journey, we bring on board the best and most needed items for everyday life based on personal experience and family values. Expanding from our baby style range, we are actively promoting reduce waste approach to every day living: we now make and sell Unpaper Kitchen Towels, Reusable Cotton Discs, Zero Waste Bamboo Toothbrushes and other environmentally-friendly items.  Our Trusted Partners section would have products on offer we personally tried and tested and use day-to-day.

Under new management since 2016, Little Comfort™ continues the best achievements and developments of the brand, at the same time being proud to introduces new ideas and designs to our portfolio. Having young mothers on board and working with ambitious young designers keeps us motivated and inspired.

Constantly looking for opportunities, we are open to comments and ideas and will be happy to listen to feedback from our customers. So, feel free to contact us with anything you may wish to address. And of course, anything our changing markets are short of, will be closely looked at and taken on board.

Little Comfort™ — tender care for the dearest ones