Baby Hats

Newborn baby’s scalp is very sensitive. It’s not only reaction to touch, the scalp is very sensitive to temperature changes as well. In general, a child cannot differentiate between touch or temperature sensations.

This is why cotton hats are put on newborn babies in maternity hospitals. This helps newborns to sleep longer, quickly gain strength and protect the nervous system of the baby. In the first months of life, cotton hat is a must for a baby when out and about or when asleep. As the child grows, need for a hat is determined by child’s activity: it is good to wear a hat if a child is active duiring the day while no real need for one if a chils is quiet and patient. However, a hat remains an essential garment when out and about as it protects from wind and cold.

Some parents know well how uncomfortable children can be wearing a hat. It is mainly due to an uncomfortable fit: too warm or too tight, for example.

Baby Hats from Little Comfort are made of cotton jersey (95% cotton, 5% elastane) thus being light and comfortable to wear. Designed with mums’ experience in mind, a hat from Little Comfort is a practical and fashionable accessory for all year round.