CORGI Diamond Painting Kit

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A diamond painting kit contains all the required materials to complete a picture:

  1. a canvas with an adhesive layer & a printed scheme. Symbols on the scheme correspond to a particular number and colour of the rhinestones;
  2. acrylic rhinestones in numbered packets;
  3. a tweezer or pen to complete the picture
  4. a plastic shaker tray for sorting the rhinestones;
  5. instructions


Tips and Suggestions:

  1. It is very important that you place the rhinestones as close as possible to each other to avoid gaps between them. This will help preserve the overall effect of the completed picture.
  2. Don’t remove the entire protective film at once — uncover only a small part of the painting to complete within the session.
  3. Sorting the rhinestones into labeled containers will make the process easier
Number of Colours 26
Size 20×20 cm
Box measurements 300*150*50 mm
Rhinestone shape square


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