Universal Concentrated Washing Powder (Faberlic, 800g, 20 washes)

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Highly trusted washing powder for cloth nappies and baby garments. Contains the eco-friendly oxygen-based stain remover. Suitable for all types of delicate fabrics, except wool and silk.

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We highly recommend this powder for all cloth nappies and baby garments!

This truly unique washing powder contains eco-friendly oxygen whitener to help eliminate yellowness and greyness of fabrics. Innovative Bi-ZYME complex based on herbal washing components contains high concentration of active ingredients which makes one 40g spoon enough for a regular load.

* Effective against wide range of stains even at cold washing cycles
* Gentle to fabric colours and structure
* Easily and completely rinses off
* Safe for the skin, dermatological safety confirmed by Dermatest GmbH Scientific Research Institute, Germany
* Biodegradable, does not contain chlorine or phosphates
* Protects inside of your washing machine
* Suitable for the whole family including for washing of baby garments
* Gives the laundry light fresh aroma
* 3,5 times more economic than regular washing powders (800g pack = 20 standard washes)
* Suitable for hand- and machine wash (40 hand-washes for 800g pack)

Produced by JSC Faberlic, the leading Oxygen Cosmetics company. Using all its expertise with power of oxygen Faberlic has developed a range of unique home care products. Read more…

Contains: more than 30% of zeolites, 15-30% oxygen-based whitener, 5-15% sodium alkylsulphate (based on oil palm seeds), 5-15% of nonionogenic surfactants based on oil palm seeds, less than 5% of soap (based on palm oil), enzymes, optical whitener, fragrance.

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